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Lusting: Sway Chic

I’ve been lusting over so many items from Sway Chic this month that I thought I’d take the time to share. Sway is an affordable and ultra stylish clothing boutique based in Berkley, CA and has expanded to six other locations across California. If you haven’t heard of them, now you have. Their selection online is impeccable, and I hope to travel to their Pasadena store soon! I first need t start saving my pennies!

These are my top picks of items I feel I need. Yes, need. Need and want. The BOLD number are my “I can’t live without”.

1. Neon Pink Satchel ( I also want the Neon Yellow) $34

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Starry Desires

I have been on a shopping binge lately, and not just because it’s the holidays! I’ve been buying for my loved ones, and also for me (I’m so bad). I guess this year my Christmas wishlist may be rather limited if I keep buying what I want impulsively. Le sigh!

Anyhow, this post is just a list of items I am currently coveting.  Coincidentally, it creates an outfit I’d actually wear. Like right now. If someone magically handed me all these items. That would be nice.

Let’s begin:

1. ASOS Star Print Dress with Belt $81

This dress makes me stars, literally! Are you coveting this look? You can get it here.

2. Alexander McQueen Hot Pink Suede Ankle Boots $ 752.50

Did your feet just get hot n’ sweaty? Mine did. These gorgeous hot pink suede ankle boots from Alexander McQueen are one of the most coveted shoes right now. Now, if I click my heels together and say “There’s nothing more I want that these McQueen booties of glory” three times, will they magically appear on my feet? If you want to buy them for me, you can…here. Just kidding, buy them for yourself and then send me pics so I can be green with hot pink envy.

3.  Pretty Polly Hosiery ‘Suspend-se’ Thriller Tights $28

These tights are trendy and hot right now…I think it’s time I invested in a pair. The sexy silhouette of these tights just make them even more desirable. Get them here.


A 2b Christmas

I am happy to have teamed up with 2b stores this Christmas to create my very own wish list! It was very difficult narrowing down my options because everything in the 2b stores are just awesome! 2b is a sister store to bebe with a price point that is perfect for every fashionista! Their clothes are a great mix of trendy, chic and classic which makes it appealing to everyone, no matter what your “style” is.

2b has just launched their official website and now you can take a peek at their awesome holiday selection and also shop the looks I picked out! Hopefully this wishlist will help make your holiday shopping a little easier! I want everything on it!

1. Statement Necklace  

A statement necklace is a great staple to have. I love to wear mine with a classic blouse/t-shirt and jeans look, or a nice cocktail dress. They definitely make a statement, so be sure to minimize the rest of your accessories when throwing on such a piece.  Get It Here.

2. Pamela Lace Stiletto

I love a great black pump…but I also like unique details so I don’t feel like I’m buying “another black shoe”. The lace detail on these gorgeous pumps will add some instant sexiness to your outfit. Wear these with lace tights or a lace tank! Get It Here.

3. Sequin Dress with Belt

This is the perfect New Years Eve dress. The sequins, the belt, the shimmer! I love that it’s easy to wear. Wear with tights or keep your legs bare, you’ll be the shining star at any NYE party you attend. Get It Here.

4. Metal Fringe Bracelet

I love arm candy. This bracelet is chic and sexy and I really love the dangling fringe. Wear this accessory to add a bit of sparkle to any outfit! Get It Here.

5. Sequin Draped One Shoulder Dress

This dress reminds of something Serena Van der Woodsen  (Gossip Girl) would wear. The draping, the fit, the touch of sequins…This dress is the epitome of a Holiday dress. Get It Here.

6. Coral Chain Neck Halter Top

I love the color of this top and the neck detail. Pair this chic top with a pair of skinny jeans or tuck it into a high waist skirt for a very chic look. Add the fringe bracelet and you’ve got an outfit to break some hearts! Get It Here.

Don’t get HOLIDAZED this year…check out 2b by bebe. You can shop the store and these looks here.

Holiday Gift Guide: Women

Tis’ the season to be giving! As overwhelming as holiday shopping can be I hope this list helps you find a few things for the lovely women in your life! Your mother, your best friend, your female coworker/boss, and for the gents, your girlfriend!

Hopefully this gift guide will inspire you and make your holiday shopping a little bit easier! I’ve used all my sources and have found some greats gifts that trendy and chic but that won’t make your wallet cry! Everything in this gift guide is under $100! Yep, it’s possible.

Your Mother

Getting a gift for your mom is probably one of the hardest. Sentimental gifts are always easy but if you’ve already done the photo albums and picture frames, here are a few classic items to add to your mother’s wardrobe. After all, what woman doesn’t like to add to their already amazing closet?

1. Trina Turk Jacquard Clutch “Michelle” Clutch $87.50

A fabulous clutch is always in style. My mother, has the greatest purse selection, but is struggling when it comes to clutches. A clutch adds instant glamour to a pants suit or an evening dress. This Trina Turk Jacquard clutch is a great deal as it’s zig zag pattern is uber trendy yet it still maintains a classic feel. The best part of this clutch? It’s currently on sale for $87.50! Get it Here.

2.  Gorjana Initial Necklace $80

This gorgeous 18k gold-plated features an embosses letter and textured back and is perfect for your mother (even best friend, or girlfriend!). Nothing is more special than a personalized gift that can be worn by layering different necklaces together. This is such a beautiful necklace and will surely be a special gift for any woman  in your life, whether your mother, best friend, or girlfriend! Get it Here.

3.  Kenneth Jay Lane Snake Chain Belt $80

This belt is so chic and would perfect with a structured dress or even jeans and a blouse. Help keep your mother on trend with some funkier pieces! This belt is still clean but the snake gives it a nice glam edge. Get it Here.

4. Gift Boutique Red & White Wine Carafes $40 each

For all the wino’s, this one is for you. My mother is a red wine fanatic and I purchased this for her. These carafes are so adorable and chic, I might just have to get some for myself. At $40 a pop, two for $80, you’re still under $100! Get Red & White Here.

The Best Friend/Sister

The best friend is either the easiest or hardest person to buy for as they either love the same things you do, or they hate everything you love. A great thing about best friends is that you don’t need to think too much as just giving a couple of items that are useful to them, yet stylish is always a good way to go. Think of what they NEED, or have mentioned. My best friends recently got me a gym bag, and a jewelry tree as they know that I toss my jewels on my vanity and use my Jimmy Choo hobo as a gym bag (I know, I’m silly). Here are a few items that I think are perfect for best friends.

1. Marc Jacobs Iphone Case $34

Who doesn’t need a new Iphone case and who doesn’t love Marc Jacobs? This quirky design is perfect for your best friend. It’s useful, stylish, and it’s not going to break the bank. Get it Here.

2. Stila Music’s Makeup Player $40

Okay, this is my FAVORITE item so far. Can you imagine getting ready to go out and being able to play your favorite music without moving? This amazing makeup box has a media system built on so you can get primped and pampered while listening to your favorite tunes! The box comes with makeup already inside it too! It’s a pretty AMAZING deal, a box filled with makeup and a media player for $40? I’ll take three! Get it Here.

3.  A 2b by bebe Statement Necklace $15.95

I love statement necklaces and they truly make wonderful gifts! This one from 2b by bebe is one of my favorites. I love the sparkle and it’s perfect for the holiday season. Give some sparkle this year to your shining best friends! At $15.95 , you can’t really go wrong! Get it Here.

4. House of Harlow 1960 Starburst Pendant $63

This necklace is one of my favorites. The unique design is great and I love the bohemian aspect. It’s a great trendy gift for your fashionable sister, or best friend. Get it Here.


When it comes to the workplace, gifts that are useful, or simple, typically work best. It would be awkward giving a fancy gift so keep it easy! A trendy accessory is always the best option.

1. Juicy Couture Glitter Ipad Case $58

I love these glittery Ipad cases from Juicy Couture, they come in a few colors and they are the perfect compliment to your boss or co-workers’ Ipad’s! Get one for them, and one for yourself and carry that Ipad in style! Get it Here.

2. Steve Madden Tinsel Infinity Scarf $27.99

A scarf is always a great option for a coworker or boss. Make sure it’s not too trendy as standing out TOO much in the office might not be the best idea. This one from Steve Madden is perfect. Infinity scarves are the newest trend and I love how unique and fun they are. This gift is also great for your mother, friends or girlfriends! Get it Here.

3. Marc Jacobs Python Iphone Case $40

This python print Iphone case is to die for. The trendy snakeskin will make all your co-workers step over to the wild side. This is a great Secret Santa gift! Get it Here.

Girlfriend (Boys (and girls), take note!)

Girlfriends are the hardest, for men or women, to shop for. Like family, sentimental gifts are ALWAYS a good thing. So if you haven’t made her the photo album, do it! Of course, girls love jewelry, but since this list is nothing over $100, these are just some extra stocking stuffers and gifts to put under the tree.

You could get any of the already mentioned items, or you can take this list of what I, as a girlfriend (pay attention Jason!), would love. It’s just a guide, and of course, every girl is so different and unique, but hopefully this list will help inspire you to finds those perfect items for your special someone.

1. House of Harlow 1960 Leather Station Necklace $75

I love this necklace. It’s such a trendy yet classy piece and can be worn with a t-shirt and jeans, a cocktail dress or with a professional outfit. Every girl I know loves this necklace and it comes in a variety of colors. The black is my personal favorite as it’s can be worn with anything, but the tan leather is also gorgeous. If your girlfriend is super bohemian, the abalone is the perfect choice! Get it Here.

2. Diane von Furstenberg Heart Print Earbuds $25

Let her listen to her music in style with these trendy and oh-so-adorable heart print earbuds. Get it Here.

3. J.Crew Glitter Iphone Case $25

If you can’t give her diamonds, still give her some sparkle with this J.Crew glitter Iphone case. C’est chic! Get it Here.

4. Urban Expressions Structured Bag $66.77

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a trendy bag. Urban Expressions nailed this season’s trend with a price that’s affordable, only making this bag more tempting. So fellas, give your girl one of the most coveted styles of handbags this Christmas. She will love it so much that maybe, just MAYBE, you won’t have to be holding her purses much longer. Get it Here. If you want black, Get it Here.

5. Gift Certificate for a Spa Treatment

The best gift you can give, aside from your love, is a gift certificate for a day of pampering. Check your local spa’s as they have great holiday deals with packages. Get her a manicure/pedicure, a massage, a facial…whatever you want. Nothing makes a girl happier than being pampered!

Hope this gift guide helps! 

Stay tuned…Gift Guide for MEN…Friday December 9th, 2011! 

Christmas Wish List

As Christmas is quickly approaching I have been on the hunt for presents for everyone but me! Well, I decided to take a break from scouring the world for the perfect present for my mother, father, boyfriend and best friends to figure out what I would truly want.

These are just a few of the “realistic” items I would want (I could dream for more Louboutin’s, Chanel & Balenciaga purses this year!). These are in no particular order:

1. Alexander McQueen Leopard Skull Scarf

I have a few already (I’m quite the McQueen addict), but I have yet to get a leopard scarf. Although I know I could always opt for a simple $30 leopard scarf, nothing feels sexier than the silky material of a McQueen scarf. Also, I love skulls so a mix of wild animal print and rock star skulls just tickles my fancy in a way that just can’t be described.

2.  Chanel Resin Cuff with Metal & Strass 

Let’s just say I’ve always wanted a piece of Chanel jewelery. I would love a lovely pearl or onyx double layer necklace, but a cuff is something I would wear more often (actually, it’s probably more reasonable than a necklace, hence it’s on my Christmas list!). A sexy cuff will always look chic whether it’s worn with jeans and a t-shirt, or a dress!

3. Micheal Kors “Runway” Silver Watch

I have had a lovely gold watch from Micheal Kors for about a year now, and I love it! The only downfall, I am usually stuck with wearing gold jewelry. This year, I’d like a silver watch in order to have the option to choose which metal I want to wear. After all, I’m always late for everything…the more watches I have only means one thing; I can potentially be on time. I also like the more “masculine” appearance of this. My gold one is super “feminine” so it would be nice to mix it up.

 4. Celine “AUDREY” Sunglasses in Tortoise/Brown

I have been dying for these specs all summer. As I was in France, I went into almost every optical store hunting these gorgeous frames out. I even went into Celine stores and they were sold out of the color I wanted. It was heartbreaking. Hopefully Santa can see how hard I have been working this year and stuff these in my stockings! That would be amazing…

5. Hermes Reversible Belt in Black/Orange with Gold Brushed “H”

Call me crazy, but for the past two years I have not been able to get my hands on one. I need the smallest size as I’m a 25″ waist, but this item of luxurious leather is hard to find. Hopefully Santa snagged one for me…if not…bummer! One day…

6. Gift Cards Galore! 

I love the physical act of shopping. And I love not having to pay for my shopping (who doesn’t?). So Santa, if you’re reading this, please get some fun and festive gift cards to the following stores(or just one, I won’t be picky!): Forever 21, Lulu*s, H & M, ALDO, Bloomingdale’s, Sephora…I mean, you know me pretty well Santa.

I know the word “realistic” may have confused you all, hence the ” “. This wish list for Christmas is fantasy, but I still believe in Daddy Clause! Just kidding!

Stay tuned for a CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY from Le Fashion Monster & Blush Boutique!

What items are on YOUR wishlist?

Sway this way…

I am proud to announce that I am partnering up with Sway boutique! Sway in an innovative store with fabulous fashion finds at prices that chicer than chic! The assortment of clothing/accessories Sway has is definitely a plus! I love that I can find edgier pieces, classic staples, and trendy items on the online site.

Monthly, I will be doing my top picks of what I am currently lusting and getting!


1. Pink Suede-Feel Shorts $26.50

2. Brown Strappy Heel $36.95

3. Sequin Cage Top $29.95

4. Sheen Bonnie Skirt $36.00

5.  Platform Bootie (They look like lace-free Jeffrey Campbell “Lita”) $38.50

6.  Tulip Print Dress $34.50

7.  Crochet Shorts (Ivory & Black) $26.00

8. Tassle Dress $44.00

Which piece was your favorite?

You can shop the pieces here!

Be sure to check out their site as they get new stuff every week! Sway Chic!

Pom Pom Interiors

Home decor is one of my absolute favorite things to indulge in, and it’s even better when you find a store that literally “speaks” to you. As cliché as that sounds, that is what happened when I first stepped into Pom Pom Interiors. The minute I walked in not only did my eyes begin to sparkle, but my heart was racing. It was like meeting the man of your dreams and all you could do is stand there and take it all while trying to hide your excitement. The white, silver, crystal, gray,  and wooden palette of the store was incredibly chic and all I wanted to do was scream and say how gorgeous everything was! Just from walking in you begin to feel like you’re in some sort of luxurious mansion but without the stuffiness and with a welcoming and friendly vibe.

Pom Pom Interiors impressed me in more ways than one. Sure, everything inside was eye-catching and desirable, but the energy of the store was exceptional. The staff is not only friendly, but extremely knowledgeable. As someone who asks a lot of questions, the lovely staff answered all of them with a clear passion in their voice.

After perusing the store for a good hour, I came across so many inspiring trinkets, and many to-die-for pieces, like soft-to-the-touch comforters, Eiffel tower napkin holders & basically a whole outdoor patio (furnishings & all) that I wanted to transport into my own home. By just walking into the Santa Monica Pom Pom Interiors store, I felt a rush of inspiration and that is one of the reasons why I love this unique store. Many interior design/home decor stores don’t have a welcoming and inspiring vibe that Pom Pom Interiors has.  Everything is separate and it’s almost like trying to choose a table as you would choose a suspect through a glass window in the police department. It’s not warm, and it’s not inspiring. Pom Pom Interiors is a store that is fully decorated and it’s done in a way that is elegant, classic and extremely inspiring.

Pom Pom Interiors is a family run business, which also adds to the appeal. You will usually find one of the owners in either of their stores and their helpfulness and warmth is one of the best parts about visiting this place.

Reza, Sam & Hilde Leiaghat

Thanks to Pom Pom Interiors for the Above Images

The day I went to check this hidden gem out, I fortunately had brought my trusted camera along with me. I took over eighty images, and as much as I would like to post them all, here are a few items that truly caught my eye, as well as the “I want to stay here forever” patio display that I wish I could be in right now as I type this.


This gorgeous set-up needs to be in my future home.

How adorable Eiffel Tower napkin holder?

I could envision myself reading a good book here.

Hilde Leiaghat, owner and designer, was sweet enough to answer some questions I had conjured up. A special thanks to her!

How did you get into this business & what were the inspirations for the business?
I have always had a passion for decorating and collecting beautiful things. There is something special about creating that homey feel and it is something that has been a part of me since I was young. Even when I was in the restaurant business, I was always more concerned with how the decor looked than anything else.
Where did the name “Pom Pom” stem from?
Well, we were looking for a catchy name for a store and we couldn’t think of anything that stuck out to us. One night, I was reading the story of BaBar(the French Elephant) to the kids and one of his son’s name was Pom. The kids were not paying attention and asking a million questions and out of a little bit of frustration I kept on repeating the son’s name to answer one of their questions: Pom, Pom. Reza, my husband, walked by their room and thought it was fun and that’s how it came to be!
What is the concept for the Pom Pom stores? What makes Pom Pom different from other home decor/interior design stores?
Pom Pom is about bringing a fun element to your decor.  We never took it too serious. We always tried to pay attention to the fun and artsy aspect of decoration, while staying classy at the same time. This is what helped in the success of our business.
When we started out, I remember we had a dresser that had peeling paint on it. It was different. A few days later, the L.A. Times wrote a two page story about it. We always try to find special and original pieces, which always brings people back. Original, fun and well-priced are goals we strive for when looking for items for our stores.  We always focused on being high-end while affordable.
Where do you get inspiration for the pieces designed in the stores?
A lot of our inspiration is from our travels and European flea markets. We have found that flea markets often set the trend.
What trends are you currently seeing with home decor?
Reclaimed wood, the return of vintage original pieces and integrating unusual objects into your decor. For example we recently sold a vintage canoe to a loft in Downtown L.A.
What advice do you have for people when decorating their homes?
I recommend people to go with their gut feeling. Don’t be scared and do what they think works best for their lifestyle.
What is in store in the future for Pom Pom?
It’s impossible to predict what’s in the future. We have always done what we love and this has been and continues to be that for us. Only time will tell…
For more information on Pom Pom Interiors, check out their website & online store! Be sure to enter the promo code “pompomlefashion” for a discount when you checkout! 
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Store Locations:


1401 N. La Brea Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Phone:             323-851-1342
Fax: 323-851-1349



432 N. Canon Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Phone:             310-248-4440
Fax: 310-248-4441



1021 Montana Ave.
Santa Monica CA 90403

Phone:             310-395-0770
Fax: 310-395-7733