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Fitness Friday: Belly Ups!

Fitness Expert and Nike Elite Trainer, Patrick Goudeau shares another one of his challenging yet extremely effective drills with Nike Women. Having worked with Patrick (I take his classes at Equinox twice a week, and he trains me), I know that with Patrick, you get results. This is why he is the highlighted fitness expert in my Fitness Friday series!

This drill, known as Belly Ups, is great for increasing speed and gaining power. This is by far one of the most exhausting drills that Patrick has taught me, but it sure makes a difference!

Check it out!

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Fitness Friday: Rollbacks

This week, NIKE Elite Fitness Trainer, Patrick Goudeau shows us a drill that get you sweatin’. This drill is a great way to tighten and tone your body, as well as get your heart rate up!

Check out the video!

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Fitness Friday: Straight Leg Lunge to Bicep Curl

It’s another Fitness Friday!

This week, my awesome trainer, Nike Elite Fitness Trainer, Patrick Goudeau shows us one of MY favorite drills. I do this with him during sessions as well as during his fabulous classes at Equinox.

This is challenging but it does the trick. It took me a few tries to get the coördination right, but once you get it, you’ll feel the burn…which is a great feeling.

This drill is a challenge, but of course, what work out isn’t?

Hope you enjoy this drill!

Video thanks to Nike Women

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