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Fashion Remix: 1 shoe; 3 ways.

Hello my loves! From now on when I wear an item more than 3 times I will be doing a poll to find out which look is your favorite based on that one item. This time I wore these ShoeMint Blush Suede “Edith” platform three times. Each look was unique with kept with the color scheme; blush tones. For the same shoe, that’s not sold out online, these Steve Madden “Viktoree” are available.

(You can click on the image to make it bigger):

Thanks for voting! You will definitely be seeing more of the shoe too!


Very (dot com) Excited

Another day, another contest! is an online department store that literally is on point with the hottest trends for every season. This British force of fashion faboulousness is branching out across the pond. is filled with incredible women’s and menswear that will very much keep you very stylish.

If you’re looking for a glamorous cocktail dress, then is your one-stop shop as their collection of unique dresses is what really caught my eye. But what truly caught my attention was their TRENDS section! This clever tab gives you up-to-date trends that are currently being coveted in fashion. This site is like you’re very best friend!

The site is having a  contest and I would really like to win! After perusing the pages of silky tunics, sparkly cocktail dresses, cozy sweaters, precious prints, and basically every fashionistas needs, I knew I had to take part. If I can say “Ooh, I want that” more times than I catch my breath, then this one is for me!

As a reward to those who vote, I will be hosting multiple giveaways featuring products I will receive from the giveaway.

MEN & WOMEN can vote as the giveaways will be for both menswear and women’s wear! The site has both women’s and men’s clothing!

So, PLEASE vote for me! When you vote, leave a comment saying you VOTED, and you will be AUTOMATICALLY entered to win the GIVEAWAYS!

Tweet me if you  voted too!

Thank you SO much in advance 🙂

If you can’t find me, look at “Recent Entries” and look for Deniz Senkan and this picture:

So please, vote for me. Once you vote; here are the ways to win:


2. Comment on this post to say you voted.

3. Tweet me that you voted.

Stay tuned because I cannot wait to share the winnings with YOU!

*This is a sponsored post.





Fitness Friday: Patrick Goudeau & Nike Women

It’s Fitness Friday!

This week Nike Elite Fitness Trainer and my personal trainer, Patrick Goudeau, collaborated with Nike Women dishing out his favorite drill (trust me, it’s a good one & it works), The Crab Curl to Press.

Check out the video below as he shows you how to get your core, legs, and arms in shape with just one drill!

Thanks to NIKE WOMEN & PATRICK GOUDEAU for video!

For daily fitness & health tips & lots of inspiration, follow Patrick Goudeau on Twitter!


Junkie Cosmetics: Giveaway!

All you beauty mavens out there, pucker your lips and get ready for an awesome new giveaway from Le Fashion Monster. I have partnered up with Junkie Cosmetics to give away a gift bag and their signature lip gloss (it’s delectable). Junkie Cosmetics is an up and coming new make-up line that I have lucky enough to preview. Not only have I found my new favorite lip gloss, I also made a great friendship with one of the business partners; Camie.

Junkie Cosmetics is a flirty and fun make up line and was created by two amazing women Camie & Kara. Both these women represent the line so perfectly as they are bold, beautiful and strong, which is what Junkie Cosmetics is all about it. The line will officially launch in November with a series of ultra luxurious lipglosses. Be the first to try their line and let me tell you, your lips will fall in love, as will you.

Kara & Camie answered a brief questionnaire in order for you to get to know them a little more personally! Details on the giveaway will be in bold below the interview.


My favorite designer is…Versace.

The best present I ever received was…My Chopard watch for my 30th Birthday.

If I could have dinner with anyone, it’d be…Oprah.

My perfect day is…Beach day in Turks & Caicos.

The beauty product I cannot live without is…Lip gloss.

My favorite item of clothing is…Jeans.

My guilty pleasure is…The Real Housewives of….

My best character trait is…I’m happy by nature.

I cannot live without…My family.

My idea of happiness is…Being with family and friends.

I most admire…My Mom.

My best feature is…My Hair.

My most treasured possession is…My Baby Blanket.

The trait I value most in others is…Honesty.

My motto is…”Be Happy, Life is too short”
My idea of perfect happiness…A bonfire on the beach.
My greatest fear is…Failing.
If I wasn’t selling make-up…I’d be an interior designer or a novelist.
The trait I value most in others is…Loyalty.
My favorite book is…The Great Gatsby.
My favorite beauty product is…Mascara.
If I could go anywhere…Italy.
My favorite designer is…Gucci.
My guilty pleasure is…The Millionaire Matchmaker.
I cannot live without…My morning cup of coffee.
My best feature is…My lips.
My favorite color is…Aqua.
My favorite quote is…”Happiness, it seems to me, consists of two things: first, in being where you belong, and second — and best — in comfortably going through everyday life, that is, having had a good night’s sleep and not being hurt by new shoes.” Theodor Fontane
I’m most inspired by…Generosity.
My best character trait is…Loyalty.
The giveaway is easy, and of course there are multiple ways to enter.
Reading this, you’re one step closer to a gorgeous and juicy pout and a tres-chic make up bag.
GIVEAWAY ITEMS:  A Junkie Makeup Bag & Lipgloss
The contest will end Monday, October 10th, 2011. Why not get rid of the Monday blues by announcing a giveaway winner?
WAYS TO WIN (You can pick 1 or do all three!):
  • Follow Le Fashion Monster & Junkie Cosmetics on Twitter.
  • Tweet “I want to win the makeup gift bag from @LeFashnMonster & @JunkieCosmetics! RT & Follow both to win! #contest #giveaway”
  • Tweet at us and tell us what inspires you on your beauty regimen or what makeup trick/trend you love but are afraid to try.
  • Keep RT’ing until the contest end date!
  • “Like” Le Fashion Monster & Junkie Cosmetics on Facebook!
  • Write on our walls and tell us what inspires you on your beauty regimen.
  • Write on our walls and tell us what make up trick/trend you love but are afraid to try.
  • Leave a comment on this post and tell us what inspires you on your beauty regimen or what makeup trick/trend you love but are afraid to try.
  • Be sure to leave an e-mail.
The contest ends Monday, October 10th, 2011!
Good luck dolls!


After my trip to St.Tropez, I was off to Cannes. I was really looking forward to a mellower environment, as I felt St.Tropez was a little heavy in the “over-the-top” department. Cannes was a splendid change full of energy that wasn’t snooty and the shopping was to-die-for. So many amazing boutiques scattered all around the city. Restaurants are around ever corner and they all looked delicious!

When we arrived, there were fireworks at night, and we could see them from our table in the restaurant…but I wish we were on the beach. Next time!

The city itself is beautiful, the buildings are gorgeous and the city has so much character! Along the beach boardwalk, there were various cut out posters where you could stick your head in and be Cameron Diaz from Charlie’s Angels, or in my case, Jack Sparrow! So cute and complimentary of their well known Film Festival!

I love Cannes and I hope to come for the Film Festival just to experience the city for what it’s well known for!

Here are pictures! Enjoy!

Au Revoir, St. Tropez!

Bonjour Cannes!

MY WHITE BIKINI TOP: SAUVAGE “MON CHERI” WRAP BIKINI TOP ( For those who saw my pictures previously!)

Overall, I loved Cannes! It was a city, with a beach-vibe. The people were super friendly, and laid-back which was a nice change from St.Tropez!

Places to check out:

HOTEL CAVENDISH= Excellent Hotel. Great Rates, and friendly, friendly staff!

CAVEAU 30: Great food, ambiance & wine list!

PLAGE LA CROISETTE: Lots of Beach clubs, great water, fun, and close to the shopping 🙂


Summer Loving: Around the World

Summer time is one of my favorites, not for the hot days, but more for the warm nights. No matter where you are, having a nighttime outfit for a summer night date is a must. For the summer, I lock away my LBD’s (Little Black Dresses) because when it’s warm and beautiful out, why be dressed in black? If black is something you need to have, then have a  pop of color with your shoes and accessories! This post is all about color.

This particular post is all about travel and no matter where you go this Summer, these looks are sure to make you stand out! I’ll be styling looks for Los Angeles, London, Istanbul, Paris & St.Tropez (divided into two posts).

Let’s begin our travelling to…


Los Angeles is known for it’s laid-back vibe and beach bunny feel. On the contrary to popular belief of Los Angeles being super dressy, it’s actually a very mellow place. Unless you’re in Hollywood going to a club, you don’t need to over-do it. You can go to a nice restaurant in a cute floral dress and heels! When in L.A…the simpler the better (I’m serious).

1. Purple Split Neck Halter- TOPSHOP

2. Glitter Pumps- Christian Louboutin

3. Blue Suede Heels- TOPSHOP

4. Nude Heels- ALDO 

5. Gold Bangles- Mulberry

6. Blue Stone Ring- Yves Saint Laurent

7. Solid Heart Earrings- AUSTIQUE

8. Blue Handbag- Balenciaga

9.  Blue Clutch- Ted Baker

The reason I love Purple & Blue is that they compliment each other so nicely. It may seem like a weird combo at first, but when put together, it’s one hot look. Blake Lively recently sported this color combo and let me just say, she turned heads. You can always do a color with nude as well, but finding colors that complement each other is a must!


St. Tropez is a luxury beach town in the South of France. I have never been, YET, but I can only imagine how fierce everyone will look in beachy-luxurious outfits at night. I myself, am way too excited to start shopping for this part of my trip, and I stumbled upon this look which can be dissected and turned from a daytime look to a nighttime. Below is the nighttime version, but this dress is to-die-for and I had to utilize it in this portion of my date night outfits. After all, how dressy do you want to get in St. Tropez? It’s like the Bodrum, Turkey of France, and we don’t go there to only be stylish, but we go there to party! This look is daytime/dinner time/and party time appropriate. Score!

1. Dolly Dress- TOPSHOP

2. Neon Canvas Sandal- ZARA

3. Color Block Sandal- SIREN

4. Stone Sandal- Jimmy Choo

5. Floral Stilettos- Forever 21

6. Wrap Bracelets: Chan Luu

7. Flower Earrings- Urban Outfitters

8. Turquoise Ring: Les Pommettes 

9. Ring- Dsquared

10. Gold Watch- American Apparel

11. Bangles- Paige Novick

12. Nude Bag- CHANEL

13. Colorblock Handbag- ASOS

14. Red Handbag- BALENCIAGA

I know I kind of threw a lot of things on top of each other, but there are SO many options with this look that I just couldn’t resist basically throwing together about three outfits at once. You can literally do ANYTHING with this dress as it’s almost like a blank canvas. If these shoes are too funky, you can do a solid colored pump, think blue, pink, red, or purple, or keep it totally simple and accessorize the dress with a bib necklace, or chunky pendants.

Stay tuned for Paris, Istanbul & London summer night looks!

Which look did you like best?

Fit & Fab

I’ve recently really got into fitness and believe me, it was really hard to get motivated. Once I started embracing the world of fitness, I’ve become happier and more energetic, and it’s given me another excuse to shop, not for red sole heels or a lace tank, but for cute athletic wear. I’m not one to drop big bucks on Lululemon (I don’t think I’m ready to switch my budget from clothes to athletic wear yet, BUT I’m getting there), but there are various companies that sell great athletic wear at reasonable prices. One of my tips, that’s not fitness related, is to shop sale items for major brands. I bought some great stuff at half off! Always check!

I love layering tanks & sports bra’s over loose racer back t-shirts and cami’s. This allows you to color block (one of the summer’s hottest trends) and not look too overdressed. The great thing about working out is that you CAN be trendy.

I’ll make this post easy to navigate and start from TOPS to BOTTOMS!

1. Sports Bra’s & Tanks

This Y-back cami from Forever 21 is a great sports bra that is racer back friendly and comes in an array of colors, and it’s only $9.

For more support, this high impact racerback sports bra is a great alternative, also from Forever 21.

I love this contrast striped sports bra from Forever 21 and the concept is stylish and functional.

Basic is always best as you can throw on a great tank over a solid sports bra! Also from Forever 21.

Below are some awesome tanks that are cute, trendy and most importantly functional!

Via Forever 21.  

Body Language Alba Top #176

I love this knotted front sports bra from Body Language, it’s so dainty and even though you’ll be the only one seeing it (unless you don’t mind going bare belly), it’s a fun twist!

Couture Active Wear Halter Bra Top #J1013

Couture Active Wear Belt Loop Bra #J1140B

These (Top 2) ADORABLE and super flirty work out tops are so freakin’ cute, I could only dream of being able to sport them. If you can, Couture Active Wear has them in a variety of colors.

Bia Brazil Top #TT2203

This Bia Brazil top is something I see Kim Kardashian rocking. It’s simple, not too sexy, stylish and clean.

2. Bottoms for your Booty

Bottoms I think are great when basic, but a play on trim color is always fun! Below are some great styles that won’t break the bank!

Via Forever 21.

Body Language V Front Pants #402

These adorable V-front pants from Body Language are playful and a little sexy, if you’re OK with being a little playful while sweating it out!

Margarita Activewear Capri #302TPrint

Want a little Pucci-inspired work out pant? These from Margarita Activewear are your go-to!

Modella Band Cuff 3/4 Pants

These Elisabetta Rogiani pants come in plethora of color combinations! You can mix and match your tops to your bottoms!

Sport Band 3/4 Pants- tight

Same goes for these if you want that pop of color on your upper body rather than lower! Also from Elisabetta Rogiani!

Remember, when buying shoes, buy something you feel good in! The cool thing these days are the variety of color schemes to choose from, so you can REALLY coordinate if you want! Always a helpful tip; all black sneakers go with everything ;).

That’s all I can come up with right now, but stay tuned for customized outfits and a great post of athletic shoes!