Lusting: Sway Chic

I’ve been lusting over so many items from Sway Chic this month that I thought I’d take the time to share. Sway is an affordable and ultra stylish clothing boutique based in Berkley, CA and has expanded to six other locations across California. If you haven’t heard of them, now you have. Their selection online is impeccable, and I hope to travel to their Pasadena store soon! I first need t start saving my pennies!

These are my top picks of items I feel I need. Yes, need. Need and want. The BOLD number are my “I can’t live without”.

1. Neon Pink Satchel ( I also want the Neon Yellow) $34

2. Stripe Knit Mini $18.50

3. Wrap Front Dress $29.50

4.Polka Dot Blouse $28.50

5.  Fuzzy Sweater $34.95

6. Floral Print Dress $54.00

These are just a few items I love. Which item is your favorite?

Be sure to check out!


4 responses to “Lusting: Sway Chic

  1. Hi!

    I am amazed by ur haircolour!Can u tell me the name of it?I cant explain to my hairdresser what colour I want and I found urs is perfect!!Thx for ur help!xoxo

    • The pictures of not of me in this post, but the two toned hairstyle the model is rocking is chocolate brown “ombre” look. So, the base color is chocolate, and the ends, which are lighter are caramel. Hope this helps! Feel free to e-mail me if you ever have questions;

  2. Deniz!

    I was talking about UR hair colour..maybe posted under wrong topic..but I was talking about ur haircolour!Not that ombre hair wich i know 🙂
    Thx ur fast reply!!

  3. The Neon Pink Satchel is very cute! It remembers me the Proenza Schouler style!
    Kisses from Italy

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